When - The Pool Guy’s Pick 6 Football pool runs for 17 weeks over the course of the regular NFL Season. The first game of this season is Thursday September 6th, 2017. (For our pool we start Sunday the 9th)


(Due to the Eagles vs. Falcons being on Thursday, we will not include this game in the Week 1 spreads, however all Thursday games after this point will be included.)


How much - The cost for the pool is a total of $170. This works out to $10 per week for the course of seventeen weeks. I’d like to have the pool paid up entirely by week fourteen. This is a not a week to week pool, once you buy in you must complete the pool. Please do not buy in if you’re not sure that you can afford to pay in full.  Any funds submitted are forfeit to the pool and will not be refunded for early withdrawal.


Payment Options – I prefer to do all transactions via Paypal, or some other digital means. I can however accept cash or check, though bounced checks will be met with a $35 inconvenience fee, or a bat to the head. Also all digital transactions are easier for record keeping as you get a receipt from your financial institution.


Prizes - The prize amounts are determined by the numbers of players. In the past we have had prizes ranging from: $100 to 170 weekly; $1000 to $1200 first place final; $500 to $600 second place final; and $300 for a 3rd place prize depending on participation.


ANY WINNINGS MUST FIRST GO TO PAYING OFF ANY REMAINING BALANCE FOR THE POOL. (Meaning that before you can take home any money from the pool, you must first have your $170 paid up in full.)


How it works - Each week there will be a list (fig 1) of the NFL football games for that corresponding week. The list will be available on the website (The Pool Guy). You must choose 6 games for that week, and pick the winning team against the point spread. Spreads are posted on Wednesdays. You will rank these picks in descending order from 6 to 1, with 6 being your best bet (fig 2). You will also choose the winner of the Monday Night Football game, and the total points of the game, which will be used as a tiebreaker for the weekly prize.  For each winning pick, you score the corresponding points. So if your 6, 3, and 1 picks are winners, you would score 10 for the week. The high score for the week wins the prize. In the case of a tie, the MNF game is used as the tiebreaker (see tiebreakers). Weekly scores accumulate and the two or three highest scores (depending on total players) at the end of the season win prizes.



Note: You can pick each game only once. Redundant picks will only score once even if opposite teams are picked. The highest slot scores.


Example: If you pick the Giants to win for 6 points. You cannot pick the Giants or their opponent for any other pick, other than Monday Night Football tiebreaker where applicable. If you did, you would get a zero for the second and any other subsequent pick of the same game regardless if the pick is for the Giants or their opponent.



Deadlines Late picks will not be accepted…… (see below)


Picks for all Saturday/Sunday games must be submitted by Midnight Friday.


Picks for all Thursday games must be submitted by 4pm on Thursday (with the exception of Thanksgiving games in which picks are due by Thursday noon due to the early game times).


Picks must be submitted directly to the website, via e-mail, or via text message. We’re trying to go green this year, so no paper will be used. Results will be posted on the website and e-mailed.


How late picks or no picks are handled…..


If picks are submitted late, or not submitted at all, they will not be accepted and will be scored as zeros.


Picks will be posted on Saturday Evening before Midnight, unless I fall asleep before that. In which case they will be posted in the morning.


Any errors in picks must be brought to my attention before 10am on the following Sunday morning. Typos and mistakes happen, but the burden is on you to check your picks when they are posted and verify they are correct.


(We apologize in advance for any delay in posting results due to alcohol related stupors)


How the point spread works - When two teams meet on the playing field, one team is typically better than the other or in a more favorable position because of factors like playing at home. If all you had to do were pick the winning team in a game, everybody would simply wager on the best team or the home team in a even matchup and bypass all the lines and collect their winnings at a high rate.

A point spread - Lets take, for a hypothetical situation on one of the types of football bets (using the point spread), that the Kansas City Chiefs were visiting the Detroit Lions and Detroit was established as a six-point favorite at game time, which is commonly written as Detroit -6. Kansas City would be the underdog and displayed as Kansas City +6. If you bet the favorite, Detroit has to win by more than six points to win your bet. Remember, the Lions are favored by six points, so we subtract six points from their final score on a spread bet. If Detroit were to win 27-20, Lions bettors would win their wager. If the Chiefs were to win the game by any score and you picked the Chiefs you would win not including the extra six points. If the Lions were to win, 20-14, it would be exactly six and a push or tie, so you would get your money back in straight up betting, or in the case of our pool all spreads will have a ½ point in the spread to avoid ties.

Tiebreakers - In the case of a tie for highest weekly score, the Monday Night Football game is used as the tiebreaker. Each player picks the winner of the MNF game and the total combined points scored for the game. So if Jack and John tie with 18 for the week, the MNF game is Steelers @ Browns. Jack and John both picked the Steelers to win, Jack picked a total score of 48, while John picked 37. The final is Steelers win 31-10, so since they both picked the Steelers the closest player to the total score is the winner. The total would be 41 (31+10). John’s 37 is closest to 41 so John wins the week.

In the event of a tie for the season prizes, the player with the most 6 point picks (best bets) correct for the season wins. In the event of still being tied, the players will split the prize unless a mutually agreed upon tiebreaker can be presented, (e.g. knife fight, pistols at dawn etc.)


Where - Website: http://dailyshmooze.com/poolguy.htm

              E-mail:   itsthepoolguy@gmail.com


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