1. Entry fee is $50 and is due before the first game on Thursday September 8th.



If the entry fee is not received on time, you will not be eligible to participate.

2. Pick one team to win each week. You may only pick a particular team once during the regular season. For example, if you pick Denver for week one, you may not pick Denver again for the remainder of the season. If the team you picked loses, you are given a loss. Any player with 2 losses is eliminated.


3. A tie is the same as a loss.


4. Weeks with a Thursday Night Game – If you want to pick the Thursday game, your pick must be in by 4:00 PM Thursday. All other picks must be in by 11:59 PM Friday.


5. Week Twelve Picks (Thanksgiving) – If you want to pick one of the Thursday games, your pick must be in by 5:00 PM Wednesday. All other picks must be in by 11:59 PM Friday.


6. All Other Weeks - All picks must be received by 11:59 PM Friday. Here’s a link to the NFL schedule.


7. Picks can be made via the website, or emailed. (


8. Due to the time and effort required to administer the pool, the entry fee will be waived for the Pool Guy (me).


9. If in the event a pick is not received on time, you will receive a default pick for that week.


For Week 1 -           Your pick will be the MNF Favorite from the early game.

For Week 17 -         Your pick will be the Favorite from the Sunday Night Football Game.

All other weeks -    Your pick will be the Favorite from the Monday Night Football Game.


In the event that the default pick is a team you have already picked, then the default will be the Underdog from the corresponding game.


If both default picks are teams you have picked already, then you will get a loss.


10. All entries will be posted on the website at ( before game time.


11. If at the end of the season there are multiple players still alive, then all remaining players win. Players with no losses will be given a full share of the winnings. Players with 1 loss will be given a half share.


Example: 3 players end up winning. Player A has no losses, Player B has no losses, and Player C has 1 loss. If the winnings are a total of $150. The pot is initially split equally among winners. However Player C is only entitled to a half share of his winnings. So the $150 is initially split 3 ways, $50 apiece. However because Player C has 1 loss already, he is only entitled to 50% of the winnings or $25. The remaining winnings return to the pot and are split between the players who have no losses. So the final payouts would be… Player A $62.50, Player B $62.50, and Player C gets the $25.